Curious about what goes on at the Supreme Court? It is possible for students and scholars as well as other groups to request a visit. Read more about the possibilities below.

Student visits

It is possible to visit the Supreme Court as part of a study program. This applies to college and university students of a legal program, but high school students are also welcome to visit. However, basic knowledge of our legal system in general and the administration of justice in particular is important in order to be able to have a conversation together.

Guided tours and visits for other groups

Other groups are also welcome to visit the Supreme Court and hear more about the building and the work.


The program of the visit depends on the composition of the group and their learning objective. A presentation on the Supreme Court and its working methods will usually be part of the visit. A counselor may join to discuss a current judgment and discuss the formation of a judgment. The visits are interactive; there is plenty of room for questions and discussion.

Useful to know

- A visit lasts one to one and a half hours

- The maximum group size is 25 people

- Some prior knowledge of the legal system is desirable

- A visit should be requested at least eight weeks in advance

Requesting a student or other visit

To request a visit or tour, please fill in our application form.